How to call the URL and what each parameter does… test it don`t be shy 🙂

· csrp_cat (string | optional)

Display posts that have this category (and any children of that category), using category id



Display posts that have these categories, using category id


Display all posts except those from a category by prefixing its id with a ‘-‘ (minus) sign

· csrp_author (string | optional)


Display posts by author, using author id:


Show Posts From Several Authors:


Exclude Posts Belonging to an Author:


· csrp_author_name (string | optional)

Display posts by author, using author ‘user_nicename’:

‘ID’ – Order by post id. Note the capitalization.

· csrp_posts_per_page (int | optional) – default 20

show only 5 posts


· csrp_orderby (string | optional) – default ‘date’

Display posts order by name:

‘author’ – Order by author.

‘name’ – Order by post name (post slug).

‘date’ – Order by date.

‘modified’ – Order by last modified date.

    'rand' - Random order.



· csrp_order – (string | optional) – default ‘asc’



· csrp_post_status (string | optional) – default ‘publish’

Display posts order by name descending:

‘any’ – retrieves any status except those from post statuses with ‘exclude_from_search’ set to true (i.e. trash and auto-draft).


‘pending’ – post is pending review.

‘draft’ – a post in draft status.

‘future’ – a post to publish in the future.

‘trash’ – post is in trashbin


    Display only future posts:


· csrp_post_type (string | optional) – default ‘post’



any custom post defined by blog

Display custom post types (if any):

Display Pages not Posts:

filter by meta:


any meta value that exists in post

· csrp_meta_key (string | optional) – Custom field key.

· csrp_meta_value (string | optional) Custom field value.!must be specified if meta_key present

· csrp_meta_type (string | optional) You may also specify ‘csrp_meta_type’ if you want to cast the meta value as a specific type.

Possible values for csrp_meta_type are:

· csrp_meta_compare (string | optional) default ‘IN’





Display post with meta_key ‘_thumbnail_id’ and meta_value 1448:





Display post with meta_key ‘_thumbnail_id’ and meta_value NOT 1448:


filter by date:


Return posts between dates

· csrp_date (int | required) – ! must be set to 1 to intiate the date query

· csrp_date_after (string | optional) – posts after this date. optional values:


‘1 year ago’

‘1 day ago’

‘1 week ago’

· csrp_date_after_type (string | optional) – get posts by publish date OR modified date – default is publish date. optional values:



· csrp_date_before (string | optional) – posts before this date. optional values:


    '1 year ago'

‘1 day ago’

    '1 week ago'


· csrp_date_before_type (string | optional) – get posts by publish date OR modified date – default is publish date. optional values:



Return posts modified in 2014

exclude post formats:

Return posts made over a year ago but modified in the past month

‘?call_custom_simple_rss=1&csrp_posts_per_page=5&csrp_date=1&csrp_date_after=1 month ago&csrp_date_after_type=modified&csrp_date_before=1 year ago&csrp_date_before_type=date’

enables the option to hide specific post formats.

· csrp_exclude_post_format (string | optional) – default none, devide multiple post formats by comma

Show all post formats EXCEPT link post format and quote post format

show post meta in feed:


enables the option to show all custom post fields for post.

quite handy if you need the rss as an xml data for external applications or export

disabled by default.

· csrp_show_meta (string | optional) – default 0

show post thumbnail in feed:


· csrp_show_thumbnail (string | optional) – default 1 (show)

show posts / custom post types by taxonomy:

enables the option to show posts for as specific taxonomy.

· csrp_tax_name (string | required) – the tax name/slug for example “actor”

· csrp_tax_term_id (string | required) – the term_id to filter by

· csrp_post_type (string | optional) – default post. for example post type “movie”

Show all posts from custom post type “movie”(post_type=movie) where taxonomy is “actor” and actors(terms) are 58 or 57

Show all post from post type “post” where taxonomy is “actor” and actors(trems) are 58 or 57



show custom tax for post:

enables the option to show all custom tax for a specific post.

puts the data under dc:isPartOf

· csrp_show_post_terms (string | required) – the tax name – miltiple tax divided by comma

Show custom taxaonmy “post_tag” and custom taxaonmy “actor” associated to post



الأخبار                    ID= 97

اقتصاد           ID= 1875

رياضة             ID= 1876

سوريا             ID= 1872

عربي ودولي ID= 1873

في المهجر    ID= 1877

منوعات         ID= 1874

البرامج                   ID= 1316

اقتصادي      ID= 1917

عين على الاقتصاد         ID= 1918

اجتماعي     ID= 1922

جولات                         ID= 1333

سواعد أمل                  ID= 1339

شببلك                        ID= 1923

مع بعضنا                      ID= 1544

الأسرة           ID= 1322

حياة طيبة                    ID= 1542

عليكم العافية               ID= 1543

الأطفال          ID= 1319

قطار الأطفال                ID= 1341

ترفيهي         ID= 1323

خارج السرب                ID= 1343

طربيات                       ID= 1541

متل معنا                     ID= 1332

خدمي         ID= 1320

قضايا                          ID= 1545

مع المجتمع المدني      ID= 1546

مواطن وخدمات            ID= 1547

ديني           ID= 1919

فاسألوا أهل الذكر         ID= 1334

رياضي       ID= 1334

حكي رياضة                ID= 1921

سياسي   ID= 1317

الحدث الأسبوعي        ID= 1329

ثنايا الخبر                  ID= 1328

كاريكاتير اليوم            ID= 1337

فكر وثقافة   ID= 1318

فنانو الكرد                ID= 1331

مرافئ                     ID= 1540

دراما          ID= 1540

رأي           ID= 1916

وثائقي       ID= 1878

وظائف شاغرة ID= 231

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