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  • Assad Regime Intentionally Destroying Agricultural in Idlib and Hama 2019-09-09
    The Syrian Commission of Jurists issued a memorandum to the United Nations in which it accused the Assad regime of committing a "war crime" against the environment, nature and the societal economy of Hama and Idlib.On Sunday Aleppo Today TV correspondent in Hama reported that the Assad regime began to cut down olive trees in […]
  • Hezbollah & Assadist Militia Clash over Drug Shipment while US Policy Remains Contradictory 2019-09-05
    The pro-Assad National Defense militia have prevented Hezbollah forces from smuggling a shipment of narcotics through the town of Al-Qarah in Damascus countryside on the border with Lebanon.Lebanese "Almodon" newspaper reported that clashes erupted a few days ago following a dispute between Hezbollah leaders and Samir Rahal; one of the leaders of the National Defense militia. […]
  • Founder of Pro-Assad Jerusalem Brigade Revealed to be Among Syrian Refugees in Germany 2019-08-31
    One of the founders of the Pro-Assad Jerusalem Brigade; commander Mohammad Saad-Eddin has been shown to be among Syrian refugees, two Palestinian refugees have revealed in a film aired several days ago on the First German channel.The two refugees accused Mohammad of committing war crimes in Syria while participating in the fighting done by the […]
  • Assad Regime Pounds Idlib and Hama Despite the Announced Truce 2019-08-03
    AleppoTodayTV correspondent reported that Assad forces have targeted the proclaimed de-escalation zones in Idlib and Hama on Friday. Tens of missiles and artillery shells pounded the areas after the truce was announced on Thursday evening during the 13th round of Astana Talks in Sochi.AleppoTodayTV correspondent: More than 300 missiles and artillery shells were fired by Assad […]
  • Shelling by the regime forces 2019-05-27
    Sky News reported that one of its teams was subjected to "deliberate" artillery shelling by the regime forces with the help of Russian forces in #Idlib.
  • The Democratic Union Party 2019-05-27
    Head of the external relations of the Democratic Union Party (#PYD): #Russia has thwarted our "behind the scenes" negotiations with #Turkey, Bloomberg reported.
  • The National Army 2019-05-27
    The National Army has thwarted a regime attempt to make advancements in Tadif, #Aleppo countryside.
  • Regime helicopters 2019-05-24
    Breaking from out reporter: Regime helicopters have dropped barrel bombs on Kafar-Sijnah in #Idlib countryside.

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